International Multidisciplinary Conference on
Computer and Energy Science
12 - 14 July 2017
Split, Croatia
By May 2017
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University of Split (FESB) is organizing scientific/professional conference that will take place in Split (Croatia), July 12-14, 2017.

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Who for

Scientific personnel, professionals, entrepreneurs, industry participants, exhibitors, summer schools attendees…


Participants are encouraged to submit proposals related to the fields of the topics: Health, Smart Cities, and Energy. For details see Call for papers.

Important dates

Full paper submission:
April 18, 2017,
Notification of acceptance:
May 15, 2017

Camera ready paper:
June 05, 2017

2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Computer and Energy Science

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FESB Building, Grand Conference Room
University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB)

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Program Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Invited speakers

Smart City/Environment Track

Day 1
13 Jul 2017
Day 2
14 Jul 2017

Architectures of Next Generation Wireless Networks

Emerging Internet Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms are expected to enable wide spread use of real time services such as VoIP and videoconferencing. The “best effort” Internet delivery cannot be...
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Pascal Lorenz

Smart POIs: a new way to interact and live in smart cities

Smart POIs are strategic areas of interest, consisting of a set of Smart Spots (the specific point of connection) that send a URL and create a physical space of information...
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Antonio Jara

Smart Cities for Sustainable Development

The world urban population will growth around 63 percent between 2014 and 2050. Megacities, cities with over 20 million inhabitants, will increase from the actual 28 to 41 by 2030....
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Nuno Lopes

Energy Track

Day 1
13 Jul 2017

Development of energy services in the digital technology era

Global and EU energy markets evolve rapidly, pursuing the technological, political and market demands. Utilities and energy services are striving to keep up with this trend by putting a greater...
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Vlasta Zanki

Computational Modelling of Fuel Cell Electrodes

Fuel cells are efficient electrochemical energy conversion devices that can provide zero emission power for applications ranging from portable electronics and road vehicles, to residential power generation. They have the...
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Ned Djilali     

Status of fuel cell technologies and their applications

Fuel cells are devices that convert chemical energy of fuel by electrochemical reactions directly to electricity. Although the operating principle of fuel cells was discovered in XIX century, their intensive...
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Frano Barbir

Engineering Modelling/E-health Track

Day 1
13 Jul 2017

TUTORIAL: Interaction of Humans with Electromagnetics Fields

Tutorial: Human Exposure to Non-Ionizing Radiation, by Dragan Poljak  The scope of this part of the Tutorial is to review various aspects of human exposure to undesired electromagnetic fields from...
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Valerio De Santis
Mario Cvetković
Dragan Poljak

MULTISCALE COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS MODELING AS AN AID TO SURGICAL PLANNING –some applications to palliative treatment of congenital heart disease

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has evolved and matured over the past decades and is now a mainstay of engineering analysis applied pervasively in nearly all engineering disciplines. In the past...
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Alain J. Kassab

Understanding hydraulic fracturing and associate seismicity – Advanced 3D and 4D FDEM micromechanical modelling

The development of low and ultra-low permeability resources (e.g., shale gas and shale oil) has brought geomechanics to assume a key role for their successful recovery. Especially given recent declines...
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Giovanni Grasselli

Gala Dinner Venue – Vila Dalmacija, July 13, 2017.

Vila Dalmacija is located in a secluded cove with a private beach, at the southern part of attractive ambiance of the hill park forest Marjan.

Interesting fact: Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” filming scenes for Dorne were shot in the ambiance of Vila Dalmacija:
Game Of Thrones Season 5: Filming in Split, at Villa Dalmacija
Game of Thrones transforms Vila Dalmacija in preparation for season 5 filming

Obala kneza Branimira 17, 21 000 Split, Croatia
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SpliTech is organized by University of Split, FESB


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